Grieve Retreat

Reflect and relax…

Sometimes you just need to get away, to find a weekend escape. Sometimes a simple change of scene can help with grief, no matter what its cause. The peace and quiet and the wide open space found at Simonburn offers you a chance to take some time out from the stresses of bereavement, to escape for a while and to recuperate in a beautiful and nurturing environment.

Whether you have been bereaved, suffered the loss of a relationship or the loss of an important element in your life, a grieving retreat at Simonburn will allow you the time and space you need to reflect, to begin to grieve and to start to heal both spiritually and physically.

Cross the humpbacked bridge into the village and travel back in time to a gentler pace of life. A warm welcome awaits you with beautifully appointed rooms, a cottage garden filled with wildlife and home-cooked meals cooked to order from a menu of locally sourced and seasonal produce.

Let us look after you on this quiet, tranquil and welcoming retreat.

Spend time with Mother Nature and discover an inner peace. Take time out in the beautiful surroundings of the Northumberland National Park, escape into the hills or relax in the cottage garden with its white doves and wild birds. Sleep soundly after a day in the fresh Northumberland air and allow yourself the time and space you need to begin to heal.‘If one night in heaven sounds good – imagine three …’
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